University Merchants are required to take PCI Awareness Training on an annual basis. Employees reconciling credit card transactions are also required to take Cybersecurity Awareness training on an annual basis.

2019 PCI Awareness Training (via ULearn)

Required annually for all UM employees involved in credit card processing

  • Following the required PCI Conference Call, Treasury will have IT assign those employees who will be involved in the credit card process take PCI Awareness Training via ULearn. These employees will be required to take this training on an annual basis.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Required annually for all Cash Pro Users who will be reconciling credit card transactions


  1. Go to LinkedIn Learning

  2. Click Sign In (located on the top right)

  3. Click Sign in with your organization account

  4. Enter your work email and click on Continue

  5. Sign in with your Cane ID and Password

  6. Click on Continue without a LinkedIn account

  7. Click on Do not connect LinkedIn account

  8. Read the prompts and click on Sounds Good

  9. Choose the business skills you are interested in and click Continue

  10. In the search bar on top, enter the name of the training:

    • Cybersecurity Awareness: Security Overview with Steve Maciejewski

    • Cybersecurity Awareness: Malware Explained with Serge Borso

  11.  Begin and complete the required courses.

  12. Send completion certificates for both Cybersecurity Awareness training along with the Bank of America Cash Pro Access Request Form to . One of the Cash Pro Administrators will then grant the employee access to the Bank of America Cash Pro Online Portal.